Poetry Invites

Poetry Invites November

Inspired By Today in Northumberland

What is happening for you today?

Write a poem for Cobourg Present, our evolving eChapbook.

This month you are invited to write a poem about this moment, right now, today. What do you see? What are you doing? What are you thinking about? If you could capture today in a poem what would you include? In years from now if you looked back to November 2021, what do you want to remember? This is a poem about presence and about time. What is important about this time? What is the story of today?

This month our poetry collects stories of the spirit of a time.

We have two months left in this project. One possibility when it is done is to create a print anthology. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this collection in print one day?

You are also welcome to revisit a prompt from an earlier month and submit a poem at any time. Click here to see the archive of prompts.

Our Evolving eChapbook

Have a look at what we have created since January 2021! An updated launch each month.

Read more about the Poetry Invites Project and about how to submit a poem to our eChapbook.

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