Poetry Invites

Poetry Invites September

Inspired By Birds in Northumberland

What have you noticed about birds in Northumberland?

Write a poem for Cobourg Present, our evolving eChapbook.

This month you are invited to write a poem about birds. It amazes me the diversity and abundance of birds here in every season. Some days it’s hard to get to the laundry because the cardinals are singing. When I work from home, mourning doves coo outside my windows during my online meetings. The grackles fight over the bird seed and the robins build nests in my eaves.

What is your relationship with birds? How could you capture their personalities and stories in a poem?

This month our poetry focuses on how we observe or relate to the natural world around us throughout any season.

You are also welcome to revisit a prompt from an earlier month and submit a poem at any time. Click here to see the archive of prompts.

Our Evolving eChapbook

Have a look at what we have created since January 2021! An updated launch each month.

Read more about the Poetry Invites Project and about how to submit a poem to our eChapbook.


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