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January 2008 Press Release. Stone Circle Theatre.

StoneCircle Theatre announces Jessica Outram as Playwright in Residence

StoneCircle Theatre, located in Ajax, Ontario, provides opportunities for emerging playwrights to have their work benefit further from a development process including dramaturgical input, script analysis and staged readings of the new play with an experienced director and actors.

Audiences that attend any of the plays in StoneCircle’s current season are invited to participate in the creative process. Following the script readings audiences have the opportunity to comment and ask questions of the playwright, director and actors.

Jessica’s new play, Once Upon A Rocking Chair, will premiere in Feb/Mar of 2008. We had some lively and spirited discussions during last season’s play development evenings, says Ken Bond, Artistic Director of StoneCircle. Jessica is a very creative writer. She is currently in rehearsal with six accomplished actors bringing life to a great script.

As part of StoneCircle’s script development process the writer that most recently had a play produced is the one to choose next season’s playwright. The dynamic process gives writers an opportunity to consider the parameters necessary to select a play for any given theatre and their audiences. Writers are able to look at the opposite of what they typically do, which is to submit their work, hoping it to see it produced. It’s a chance for them to make a fellow playwright happy. StoneCircle’s expectation is to produce the premiere of each of the developed plays in upcoming seasons.

Jessica is an experienced writer, actor, director, producer, and drama teacher. Her experience is ideal and she also brings a wealth of passion to the company in her role as Playwright in Residence and will manage the on-going development process.

For the 2008-2009 season Jessica is mentoring Ruth E. Walker and her new play The House of Mrs. Glass. Ruth, an internationally published writer and poet, a professional editor, and an emerging playwright, is a popular creative writing facilitator, and was recently appointed as one of four artists in residence at the Durham District School Board for a high school project funded by the Ontario Arts Council. In The House of Mrs. Glass, disgraced TV sitcom star, Bud Holland, desperately needs a comeback; who knew he’d find his hit -and his equilibrium- in the house of a 19th century small town madam? This play is inspired by a notorious historical figure that scandalized Whitby and thus the rest of Canada in 1861.


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