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Reconnecting with Creativity

I didn’t write much last year.

I miss it. The quiet. The adventure. The unknowns. I don’t know why I stopped writing. It wasn’t intentional. It just happened. And then one morning I woke up and it seemed my creative voice had slipped away and had gotten lost in the noise of everything else.

Earlier this week I went to a great talk by Dr. Greg Wells. He talked about the difference between engaging in social media passively vs. doing it with intention. He reminded us about the importance of managing our priorities rather than managing our time. He reminded us about the importance of self-care.

Then, as part of my back to school reflection process I took some time to create a Tree of Life. It helped me to refocus, reconnect.

It reminded me of Sunshine in a Jar.

This metaphor has been with me for a long time now. I realize now it is a touchstone for how I need to be in the world and who I want to be too. How did I forget?

Creativity is essential. It is the heart of innovation. It is part of being human. A creative pursuit is a mindful pursuit. I always feel at my best when writing is part of my life.

Creativity is about connectedness: to self, to others, to the world. Creativity in action documents, captures, shares, interprets, reflects, and shines a light in all corners. Creativity changes our lives and changes our world.

Are you wanting to learn more about creativity? Are you looking to reconnect with your creative spirit?

My goal is to post once a week for the next year writing about creativity, the idea of sunshine in a jar, and reflections on learning.

Some people find meditation or yoga excellent strategies for leading a mindful life. My rock is creativity.  By connecting to sunshine in a jar, finding time to write and reflect, sharing with all of you, I hope to bring sunshine in a jar to life. I don’t think this metaphor is done its work yet. There is more to do. It has more to teach all of us.

I thought a lot about the type of writing I want to do. I love blogging. I love its ability for engagement through comments and sharing. I love that the posts are shorter and easier to fit into the spaces of our busy lives. I love that blogging is about the process and not about an outcome (like book sales). Blogging is about community. My post about Ezekiel Solomon has shown me the impact of one post. It now has 130 comments. It has connected so many people. So I am letting go of books for now. Turning my attention to this, to you.

So my big overarching question for the next year is:

What can I learn from sunshine in a jar?

And I hope along the way (since I am by nature a teacher) you will learn from sunshine in a jar too.



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