Returning to Presqui’le Provincial Park and Celebrating a Good Year

I started a new tradition last year: a solo hike and picnic at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Yesterday I returned to celebrate another year! It felt a lot like an anniversary. This year I didn’t think any deep thoughts. It was about enjoying the views, walking, breathing in the moment.

I like that it was a quiet trip and the fact that it was shows me how much has changed since last year. I wanted the conversation to shift to the woods and the lake–and my inner dialogue has! My marriage status or singleness is no longer the thing I think about most. I think about my friends and family and home and work and creative projects, feeling blessed to have such a full, happy life. The only thing missing is my health. I watched longingly as people cruised by on bicycles. I love bicycles–so my wish for next year’s trip is to be fit enough to ride a bicycle there.

Here are some pictures:



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