School Communication Plan

My dream this year is to be a more intentional leader. When I first became a principal my focus was a lot like a lighthouse, moving in every direction as far as I could see, scanning for anything in dire need of my attention. Then it shifted to a stage spotlight. My work was more intentional, more focused, but it moved to follow the action. Now I want a laser-like focus. It’s my fourth year. I feel ready to try and shift my planning “from time management to priority management.” (Dr. Greg Wells taught us that. He has been working with our administrator group since August.) I feel ready to be more strategic.

I have five leadership priorities this year:

  1. Communication: Who are we at CPS?
  2. Self-Regualtion: Optimizing Conditions for Learning
  3. Special Education: School Teams AND Differentiation in Instruction
  4. Math: Making Learning Visible and Math Talk
  5. Staff Self-Care: Well Being

Our School Communication Plan

Overall Goals:

    • Ongoing, frequent communication with school community
    • Shift from paper newsletters and agendas to electronic communication
    • Leverage technology tools
  • Simple, effective, realistic

Like any plan, this is a work in progress and hopefully will evolve as the year does.

Big Idea #1: If we communicate effectively with parents we will share the school’s story, better serve students, and build better partnerships and sense of belonging and pride.

Cultivating Highly Successful Parent Teacher Communication

In August, our staff reflected:

  • How will we communicate about individual student needs? 
  • How will we communicate about the learning in the classroom?

Big Idea #2: If we communicate effectively with each other we will strengthen our team, collaborate more, and ensure consistency.

Whole School Communication

    • Website. This will be a central place for all information about our school. 
    • Edsby.
        • Edsby Calendar is our official school calendar. Important dates will also show on our website. Parents can visit the calendar on the front page of our school website to see the month at a glance or they can log into Edbsy.
        • School Talk will be used for posting anything we want students to engage with or to see about the day-to-day happenings at school.
    • Twitter. Staff, students, and parents can choose to follow our school Twitter account (@ColborneSchool).
    • School Connect synervoice. Used for important whole school messages as needed.
  • Morning Announcements. Noted daily in the binder in the office.

We will no longer have a traditional monthly school newsletter; rather, we will have ongoing school communication. I am considering a monthly e-newsletter for parents similar to the Weekly Staff News.

Principal to Staff Communication

    • MailChimp. Weekly Staff News. Emailed each weekend.
    • Email. Used for sharing KPR communications and calendar.
    • Edsby. “Staff Room” is a great place for group chats and sharing. We will use this a primary place to communicate as a team. I will post info here as needed Monday to Friday.
  • Staff Hub. This is a Google hyperdoc that has links to everything the staff needs from the staff calendar to field trip checklists to our School Improvement Plan.

Staff to Parent Communication Plan

Staff were invited to add their plans to this chart.

Class How will your classroom team communicate to parents about individual students? How will your classroom team communicate to parents about whole class learning and information?
Grade 1/2
Grade 2/3
Grade 4/5
Grade 5/6
Grade 7/8
Special Education


Do you have any feedback or ideas to make this plan better?


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