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Sunshine in a Jar Books Update

We’re back! After a two year break from publishing, Sunshine in a Jar Press is back. Since launching From the Cottage Porch in May 2011 we have moved to Cobourg, Ontario. I’ve adjusted to my new day job as high school vice principal and feel ready to continue with the vision for Sunshine in a Jar Press.

From the Cottage Porch is in its second printing. It will soon be available as an e-Book.

We had hoped to do an anthology about the spirit of the kitchen, but after some careful reflection we decided to put that project on hold indefinitely for various reasons.

We are thrilled to announce our next project: The Writing Spiral: An Anthology about Learning and Writing. Submissions are due in March 2014. The launch will be in the Fall of 2014. More info to follow.

We are looking for a diverse group of writers and selections.

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