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In The Writing Spiral, Jessica Outram, an educator and writer, shares eight thematic spirals that explore how we can cultivate a writing life that guarantees growth and development.

This book offers a theory about how writers learn. Using the contributions from thirty emerging and experienced writers, The Writing Spiral demonstrates the way learning about creativity, courage, solitude, community, ambition, perseverance, curiosity, and love develop mastery—to make an expressive, inspired writer.

  • How do you balance writing with your job and family?
  • When is the best time to write alone?
  • What do you use to combat writer’s block?
  • When is it time to take risks?
  • How do you publish?
  • Why is vulnerability a blessing?
  • How do you learn best?
  • What is your relationship between what you learn and what you write?

A comprehensive learning program designed to call writers to action, this book utilizes research-based learning strategies, humour, metaphor, and interactive exercises to awaken the learner in you. To become a better writer, you need to become a better learner.

A diverse collection of poems, stories, memoirs, and essays The Writing Spiral promises to take you on a journey around layers of experience, knowledge, and inquiry to awaken your writing core.

The Writing Spiral offers a new vision that encourages us to define our writing spirals: to embrace reflection and analysis, to love learning, and to courageously write our truths and share our stories.


Jessica Outram, M.A., is a principal in Northumberland, Ontario. A writing teacher and former high school English teacher, Outram is also a playwright and a publisher.

Thirty writers share poems, stories, memoirs, and essays as demonstrations of the themes. The contributors include: Lynda Allison, Kelly Babcock, Erika Bailey, Mona Blaker, Ken Bond, Helen Chenier, Heidi Croot, Phyllis Diller Stewart, Sacha Farrell, Catherine Graham, Barbara E. Hunt, Shane Joseph, Ruth Latta, Andree Levie-Warrilow, Nancy Melcher, Dee Miles, M.J. Moores, Lori Pearson, Gwynn Scheltema, David Sheffield, Felicity Sidnell Reid, Pat Skene, Lesley Strutt, Erin Thomas, Lori Twining, Christina Vasilevski, Lynn Vieira, Ruth Walker, Brenda J. Wood, and Collette Yvonne.

The Writing SpiralISBN: 978-0-9809444-2-6

Cover art by Livia Tsang

Book design by Janet Boccone


439 pages

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