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    Georgian Bay Sunset at McNab Rocks

    A couple times a summer dad takes me out for a sunset cruise on Georgian Bay. Every year it looks different. I wonder if it is me that has changed so I see the water and land and sun setting differently or if the bay is changing (for example: time of day, water level, location, weather). Last year we went out by Gereaux Island Lighthouse. There is something about the architecture of a lighthouse isolated on an island with the grand sky and big water that calms me. (Do all people feel a connection to lighthouses?) So every time we go out into the bay I always look for the lighthouse.

  • Georgian Bay Roots

    Gereaux Island Sunset Cruise Video 2015

    Merry Christmas 2015, friends and family. Creating these little videos is starting to become a tradition for me, my holiday card for you!

    Every summer my dad takes us out on a number of sunset cruises. We drive out by Gereaux Island Lighthouse, turn off the motor, and rock in the gentle waves as the sun descends. It’s one of the most uplifting, fulfilling, and healing events of our summer. It’s important to remember that when life gets tough, we need to shine the light. We need to know that there are nights like this one, out on the water watching the light shine…thank-you for shining the light for me.