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    Meet Felicity Sidnell Reid

    Live your questions now, and perhaps-2When the student is ready…

    We can learn from each person we meet. Teachers are everywhere when we are willing to be students. For years I’ve been a stealthy student watching and listening and reflecting, my mind a people-powered repository. Every day I reflect on my learnings: ideas and insights from experiences, conversations, and encounters.

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    The Porch Was Rockin’ on May 7

    Today’s book launch for FROM THE COTTAGE PORCH was a great success! Approximately 80 people attended. Including online pre-launch sales we sold 181 copies of the book. This is a great start for a new compay. Thank-you to Mary E. McIntyre for this picture of the attending authors/contributors and a picture of me. James Dewar was a wonderful MC. Pat O’Prey filled the room with campfire songs and classic rock. His smooth voice and guitar were the perfect combo to get the cottage porch rockin’ !