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    Book in a Jar
    Book in a Jar

    My Aunt Pat calls them Book Jams. When I was getting ready for the Waterfront Festival I was planning on creating some small chapbooks…then on the Friday before the festival the chapbook became a “Book in a Jar.” We are Sunshine in a Jar, after all. It makes sense that we should have books in a jar. We sold them for $10 and they were a big hit!

    Each jar was decorated with ribbons and stickers. Inside were colourful, hand-cut slips of paper.

    For the Festival I made three titles:

    Questions in a Jar: 50 Questions for Friends and Families.

    Fun for Camp Fires, Road Trips, Picnics, and More!

    Sample Questions:

    • If you were to plan the perfect family party with an unlimited budget, what would it be like?
    • What is your worst memory of school?
    • If you were to drown in a liquid other than water, what would you choose?
    • Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?

    Sunshine in a Jar: 50 Quotations to Uplift and Inspire

    Sample Quotations:

    • “We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.” Gayle Forman
    • “Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.” Mario Fernandez
    • “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela
    • “Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” Mother Teresa

    Creativity in a Jar: 30 Activities to Boost Creative Energy in Your Life

    Sample Activities:

    • What drives you to take risks, to dive deep into yourself? Make a list of ten things and then plan when you will try them. Aim to take more risks for the next week and see how it changes your life and your creative energy.
    • Schedule a weekend just for you. Unplug from social media, email, and the phone. Stay home and create for the whole weekend.
    • Why do you create? Spend some time exploring your “why.” Put it down on paper and then post it near your creative space.
    • Go dark. Spend twenty minutes free-writing about your creative shadow, describing how it looks and moves and speaks. Write about all the dark places creativity has taken you—in the things you write about and in the way creativity changes you. Fill the page with fear and pain and sadness. Later, return to the page and see where you can offer light.



    I plan to create some more “Book in a Jar” titles for the 2016 Cobourg Waterfront Festival.

  • From the Cottage Porch

    The Porch Was Rockin’ on May 7

    Today’s book launch for FROM THE COTTAGE PORCH was a great success! Approximately 80 people attended. Including online pre-launch sales we sold 181 copies of the book. This is a great start for a new compay. Thank-you to Mary E. McIntyre for this picture of the attending authors/contributors and a picture of me. James Dewar was a wonderful MC. Pat O’Prey filled the room with campfire songs and classic rock. His smooth voice and guitar were the perfect combo to get the cottage porch rockin’ !

    Many of the authors attended. Lots of books were signed. The readings were a highlight!

    Special thanks to all the friends, family and supporters who attended. There was a lot of love at Safari Bar & Grill today.

  • From the Cottage Porch

    What’s Inside “From the Cottage Porch?”

    from-the-cottage-porch8-largeThis beautiful book features the talents of 31 outstanding writers from across Ontario. The 43 stories, memoirs and poems are organized using the passing of time at the cottage. From the dewey, crisp mornings filled with birdsong to long afternoons on the water to lively evenings spent around the campfire, the book moves from sunrise to sunset.

    Table of Contents


    The Cottage Porch

    Jessica Outram


    Awareness Dawning

    Lynn Vieira

    First Swim

    Barbara Winter

    Shabbat on Eagle Lake


    At Dawn

    Bonnie Thomson


    S.A. McCormick


    A Morning Revelation

    Graham Ducker

    At the Cottage

    John Butcher


    S.A. McCormick

    So much depends

    Sheila Stewart

    Dad’s Dinghy!

    John Forrest


    Tiina Heathcock

    The Epic of the Reluctant Diver

    Anne Louise Currie

    A Message from the Outhouse

    Bob Smith



    Susan Lynn Reynolds

    The Summer of Shovels & Three-leaf Clovers

    Sacha Farrell

    The Old Timer

    Graham Ducker

    Cookie Goes Swimming

    Mary McIntyre

    Everything I Know about Leeches I Learned at the Cottage

    Phyllis Diller Stewart


    S.A. McCormick

    The Dam

    Tina Collett


    Ken Bond

    Porch Bingo

    Jessica Outram


    You Whisper in my Ear

    Paul Dobbs

    Family Picnic Magic

    Jessica Outram

    Tilly’s Socks to the Rescue!

    Pat Skene

    Our Cottage My Heaven

    Patricia Miller

    Finding the Sameness

    James Dewar

    Your Strange Cottage

    Glenn Kletke

    The Struggle

    Vicki Pinkerton

    When Trees Could Walk

    Alex Hamilton-Brown



    Tiina Heathcock

    Lone Pine

    Elaine Cruise Smith

    Coming and Going and Life In-Between

    Heather Tucker


    Helene Iardas

    Buried Treasure

    D.A. Stark


    Tiina Heathcock


    Cottage Puzzle

    Anne Louise Currie


    Tiina Heathcock

    The Bunkie

    Collette Yvonne

    Cottage Behind Me

    Vicki Pinkerton

    Fireworks: July 1st

    Barbara Winter


    Closing the Cottage

    Susan Lynn Reynolds