• Georgian Bay

    Our Family History of Bingo

    The history of bingo in my family is important to me. Bingo was a place where women had independence: socially and financially. They could have a drink, connect with other women, and take a break from their responsibilities.

    My play “Once Upon a Rocking Chair” is 90% fiction. The 10% of truth is inspired by my mom, aunts, and cousins. For years we had the annual tradition of going to the cottage together for a week: Girls’ Week. It started when my cousins and I were kids as a getaway for the moms (my mom and her two sisters). When my cousins and I were in our 20s we slowly infiltrated the tradition, starting by coming at the end for the weekend. Then our stay got longer and longer until we were all there. It continued for years. I think our last official Girls’ Week at the cottage was in 2008 or 2009, with three generations of Lamondins.

    We always played bingo.