• Poet Laureate of Cobourg

    A Poem for the First Day of School

    The First Day of School
    On the first day
    possibilities thrive
    dreams come alive
    together we create and relate.
    Our classroom holds the universe
    in the eye of each child.
    We can learn on the moon
    dancing like a balloon in zero gravity
    reading about oceans
    as you float on the boat 
    that was once your chair
    in a classroom daring to become a jungle.
    Stretch your words
    taste each number
    go outside and notice
    what’s growing in the schoolyard. 
    Watch closely 
    when the seasons change.
    Write your story
    show your friends
    share who you are and 
    sing with your eyes.
    Every question is an adventure,
    an invitation to change the world
    to be kind, understanding this 
    is what it means to be human.
    We celebrate being alive
    with wonder and belonging
    everyone here a twinkling star
    in the system of our community.

    © Jessica Outram

    This poem was revised in September 2021.