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Ten Things I Learned Last Year About School Leadership

One of the many things I love about my job is that learning is at the heart of the work. Every day I am invited to learn from people, experiences, research, and curriculum subject areas.

Here are ten things I learned during the 2016/17 School Year:

#1: There is poetry in Math. I was inspired to keep a wall of my Math learning after taking a Mathematics Leadership course in partnership with Trent University with Dr. Cathy Bruce.

#2: The Zones of Self-Regulation are for everyone. Our whole school learned about the zones and defined what the “Green Zone” looked like for us. We celebrated at the end of the year with a t-shirt for everyone. Designed by a Grade 5 student.

#3: When we focus on improving Special Education processes all students win. It’s important to have clear roles and goals.

#4: Peace is not what is happening around you. Peace is what is happening within you. Self-care is vital.

#5: Sometimes you just need cake. Celebrate with staff whenever you can. And with students too! My favourite PA Day this year started with cake.

#6: Streamlining routines and processes helps the brain focus its best energy on the complexities of problem solving. We focused on Special Education, school day transitions and recess. Click here to watch our video about Recess Routines.

#7: In a small school, all staff are leaders. My staff continuously inspired me with the vision, spirit, and pride for our school.

#8: Paying attention to the little details can have a big impact.

#9: Ask for help. There are helpful people out there.

Our “Buddy Bench” donated by the Colborne Lions Club.

#10: When the staff truly work as a team, that’s when the magic happens.

A friend posted this and I loved it–felt it captured the CPS staff well!

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