Poet Laureate of Cobourg

The Gift of a Poem

Last week I received a memorable, thoughtful gift: a poem. I attended the Cobourg Poetry Workshop’s meeting and one of the poets, Doug Langille, had composed this poem. He recited it for us, gave me a copy, and then told me I could share it here.

If you’ve received a poem that was composed especially for you, then you may have also felt the tremendous energy such a gift can bring. I feel so honoured for this poem. Doug has inspired me with his thoughtfulness. Thank-you, Doug!

to Jessica Outram upon her appointment as Cobourg’s 4th Poet Laureate

Read to Us

I, or shall I say we,
Have gathered to welcome
Cobourg’s newest Poet Laureate.
Not the first, second, or even the third
They have had their day,
They have had their say,
We are here to listen to you
Our fourth Poet Laureate.

Keep in mind that you were not chosen
To fill their shoes,
But to stand in your own.
So, read to us in your slippers,
Read to us in your sandals,
Read to us in your stilettos,
And read to us in your moccasins.
Whichever you choose
Remain true to your footwear,
They are what ground you
To Mother Earth;
Speak through them.

And don’t be afraid to slip them off
Read to us in mismatched socks
Or even bare feet, if need be.
Should you read to us
In your ass kickin’  boots
Well, there’s probably a good reason why
Don’t hold back.
So choose wisely,
But read to us from every pair you own.

Crack open that Sunshine In A Jar
And share it with your audiences.
Always mindful, that only
Your time with us is ephemeral,
Not your words.

Doug Langille
June, 2019