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The Story of Water

We continue the tradition for a third year of publishing an eChapbook to celebrate Earth Day. First, we published Light in My Eyes in 2020. Then we published Lessons from the Earth in 2021.

Water is life. This year for our Earth Day eChapbook, I wanted to invite poets to reflect on the story of water. Poetry helps us to see in different ways. As you read this collection, consider the story of water in your life. How can we protect it? Respect it? What does water have to teach us? 

I’m overwhelmed by the number of poems and the diversity of stories. As you read through this collection, pay attention to the ways water changes form, its relationship to people and other elements in nature, and how it travels.

Find a quiet spot, maybe even outside, by the water to read a poem or two as a gift for the water. Let us thank the water for all it has given us.

With this project, we also celebrate National Poetry Month.

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.” — Kahlil Gibran 

The eChapbook was sent out via the Poetry Present subscriber list on Earth Day, Friday April 22, 2022.


  • John B. Lee

    Thank you for including me in this event. I enjoyed listening to the poetry and your enthusiastic support of earth day and the importance of water in poetry. And it was Shakespeare’s birthday as well. Just as an aside, Queen Elizabeth the First called the poet Sir Walter Raleigh “Water” since she had trouble saying the letter “L”. Coleridge was mentioned last evening with a reference to his poem “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” which includes the lines “Water water everywhere/ and all the boards did shrink/ Water water everywhere/ Nor any drop to drink” which brings to mind the comment made at the beginning of our evening concerning the small percentage of available water that is drinkable.

    all good things, John B. Lee Poet Laureate of Brantford, Norfolk County and Canada Cuba Literary Alliance

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