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The Tao of the Rocking Chair

If rocking chairs could speak, I bet they would have a lot to say.  When selecting a title for Once Upon a Rocking Chair, I was drawn to the idea of using a rocking chair as the play’s central image.

As per the themes in the play, it is a symbol associated with motherhood and aging.  A simple chair witnesses the quiet time between parent and child, the thoughtful times as we grow older, the beautiful times on a summer’s day, and the wild times on a summer’s night.  All across the world rocking chairs are centrally placed on porches, in living rooms, baby’s rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, senior’s homes, and kindergarten classes.

The rocking chair is not only an important piece of furniture, it is a rich metaphor.  A rocking chair is meant to be rocked.  Our lives are meant to be lived. A rocking chair can be in perpetual motion.  We too can be the driving force rocking our lives forward.

A rocking chair supports us, keeps us off the floor, yet also by design it encourages us to move forward.  It’s rhythmical. It’s relaxing. It’s not defined by economic class or culture.  Rocking chairs are of great importance.

And then, I love the root of the word: rock.  A foundation. Solid. Integral to the Northern Ontario landscape.  Consequently, the family name of the women in the play is De La Roche, of the rock.

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