Georgian Bay

To Stand on the Family Rock

I wanted to stand next to Gereaux Island Lighthouse, my feet on the rock my ancestors stood upon for so many years. I dreamed to see Georgian Bay from their perspective. What did Grandpa notice here growing up as a child? How can I see through his eyes? How can I learn about living on an island?

This summer everything aligned beautifully. We finally docked our boat and took a self-directed tour of Gereaux Island. For over 60 years my ancestors lived on this land, fed from these waters. My Grandfather grew up living here. Today, my parents live about 1 km away.

Vibrant energy. Time disappeared. The sun, breeze, and waves all sang the same song: welcome home. How can a place hold so much?

The island felt bigger on shore than looking at it from the water. It was hot when I thought it would be cool. My feet ached to memorize each step, each crevice in the granite. My eyes squished to gaze through the walls of the house and tower to imagine life inside. Unfortunately, the building was closed. The Coast Guards told us everything has been stripped inside and it’s unsafe for people to enter.

I took home a piece a granite to remember this visit, to hold onto the energy. We will visit again. This island has more lessons and stories for me to learn.

Here are some pictures from the visit:

Gereaux Island Lighthouse
The foundation of the lighthouse.
The view of Georgian Bay. I bet they swam and fished here.
We saw about 20 monarchs playing in around these rocks.
The view of Georgian Bay and the new wind farm. What would they think of this?
The remains of an old structure.
Selfie. Why not?
My family used a row boat. Now, they use these.
My great-grandfather would row to the range light each day to check on the light.
Near the lighthouse on the same weekend. The sunset. Wow.


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