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Use Google Slides to Create a Vision Board

This was a winter of dreaming. After the Christmas holidays and my trip to Grail Springs Wellness Retreat I felt a surge of creative energy. My newfound clarity needed to be captured. First I tried to make a vision board in a traditional way with magazines. Then I tried to use an infographic approach with a sharpie and a big piece of paper. Finally I decided to turn to technology.

After experimenting some more on my computer, I found Google Slides to be the best choice for making a Vision Board. Here are some tips so you can make one too!

  1. Create a slide for each big area of your life.
  2. Spend time just searching for and saving images for one area at a time.
  3. Watch videos about how Google Slides works and how you can use its features to be as creative as possible. Here is a video option to get you started.
  4. Fill the slide with as many images as inspired you. Use the notes section to write down any goals or intentions or ideas.
  5. Bookmark your slideshow so you can find it easily and often.
  6. Present your slideshow (to yourself).
  7. Take a screen shot of each slide to make an image.
  8. Add the Vision Boards as wallpaper on your devices to stay inspired and focused.

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