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Walking On Sun Branches

On Saturday morning I went for a walk near home. Crisp blue skies. Sparkling sunshine. Radiant colours. What caught my attention was the leaves. Without a breeze, leaves gently floated from their branches to the ground: two, six, three, ten, one, fourteen. They moved silently like gentle morning snowflakes. Along the way I paused to stand under trees, enjoying the surprise of where the next leaves would fall from, imagining I was floating on one.

This is what change can feel like sometimes, a magical floaty otherworldly moment that goes beyond understanding. It was nice to see change that way, even for a moment. I wondered how to extend this peacefulness beyond this morning walk. If only we could see the beauty during change, the grace of falling when we ache to rise. 

All the changes to our world over the last 8 months are changing us too. We are seeing things differently than we have in the past by focusing on what is essential in our lives and in our communities.

Taking the time to deepen my relationship with creativity has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. In the past my creative work was based on accumulation, collecting, writing a lot and creating a lot was most important. I thought that writing a poem or a play or a novel would fill the empty spaces in my life. I thought that if I painted every day I would find the answers on the canvas.

While daily creative practice is important to develop craft and bring a vision into something tangible, what if there were more to creativity? What if we could be in this state all the time and it wasn’t when we were intentionally having ‘creative time’? What if it wasn’t about accumulating creative products but deepening creative process?

Creativity can be like a river continuously flowing under the road we walk upon every day. 

I wondered if when I went back to work, I would continue experiencing my creativity river. How would this new relationship hold up to the routines and stresses of working full time? Would I lose my river?

By the end of September I had found a way to integrate the river into my routines and work life. It has been transformative.

My new business, Creativity Coaching Canada, was born on the river in this new understanding of the importance of nurturing creativity. It continues to be a source of joy for me and I’m so grateful to all who have joined a session or engaged in a social media post. Thank-you!

Stand in the centre of change and notice its magic.
Notice the light and how it reaches in circles to embrace the whole.
Change can feel like this too.

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