Once Upon a Rocking Chair

What I Loved Most About The Process of Staging My Play

What a whirlwind! I still wonder how it all went by so quickly. Directing “Once Upon a Rocking Chair” for Northumberland Players this year was definitely a lifetime highlight for me. We had a wonderful review in the local paper and 10/11 performances were SOLD OUT. When I started the process a year ago my wishes for the show were to have fun, to make a story people remembered, and to connect to people.

Here are some pictures of what I loved most about the process…

#1: The Firehall Theatre–this is my favourite type of theatre space.

#2: The talented cast and crew

After final show (a few people MIA)

#3: The gorgeous set

#4: The Caterpillar Princess costume and lighting effects

May 18 Rehearsal

#5: The energy of the ensemble cast

May 22 Rehearsal

#6: The humour in the “Aunt Neen’s a love queen” sequence

May 22 Rehearsal

#7: The emotion of the final scene

Dress Rehearsal (Photo Credit: Rick Miller)

#8: The sisters doing yoga

Dress Rehearsal (Photo Credit: Rick Miller)

#9: Our Pre-Show “Filling of Our Jar” After Warm-Up

#10: All the friends, family, audience members who took the time to join us

My family…who inspired the script

And of course…the poster! This poster has so much meaning for me. It’s my great-Aunt Blanche’s rocker. The landscape is the view where my parents live on Georgian Bay.

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