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World Poetry Day 2020: A Poem for Peace

Today is World Poetry Day. Due to the wide reaching impact of COVID-19, I need poetry today. Join me in spending some time today reading and/or writing poetry. Use poetry to find hope and express gratitude.

During times of uncertainty I find it helpful to turn to nature. As I write this post a cardinal and a robin sit on branches on the tree outside my window watching me. The sun shines again this morning. New buds arrive each day. Birdsong is confident and abundant. While my days have changed drastically, the lives of birds remain the same as they have every Spring.

The natural elements remind me that everything has its season. Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk. The picture at the top is from my walk. When I came home I wrote this poem.

I offer this poem to the Town of Cobourg and its residents. I hope you are able to find moments of peace whether you are at home or outside for a walk.

This Elephant Teaches Peace
By Jessica Outram
I walk by the lake
a few blocks from home
now my sanctuary
to find
an elephant’s back
beneath my feet
instead of the path
I count
each wrinkle
sock to shoe
to elephant skin
with worry
and I use this height to see
wild waves
cry so much
change since last week
but we start something
new together alone
slow and steady
one step then trust
we will be okay
elephant nods a prayer
peace now
a sunbeam
through the woods
where I hear your footprints
home to piles of books and a
plate of orange slices.

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