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Writing Just to Write

Once in a while I want to write a self-indulgent post about nothing. It hits like a craving for chocolate. Snuggled in my favourite chair with a cup of tea I type just to hear the sound of my fingers pushing on the keys, watching to see which thoughts appear. Where will this post go? I wonder. And I’m sure my readers wonder too. (Is it important to ALWAYS know where we are going?)

Sometimes I want to write just for the sake of writing, just to feel like I AM WRITING. Ideas and phrases move through my mind like smoke. What a blessing to write for writing’s sake! What a blessing to enjoy this practice enough that I find it relaxing to write about nothing.

At work, primary students have been reading and writing in my office. It amazes me how much work it takes for them to read or write each word. The children delight in finding meaning when they read, they want to read to me to celebrate their progress, to have a witness to the miracle of words. Even though it is hard for them, they persevere, pushing each word from their lips as they trace below it with their finger.

Today a student was having a tough time controlling his emotions. While we reflected on the conflict he said, “there was something inside of me that just had to come out.”

Maybe when I crave time with the page it’s because there is something that needs to come out–not really a big dark cloud or locked away story but a surge of everyday life and feelings and ideas. When we write we make connections. Sometimes when I write it’s not to express emotion but to empower insight.

I could write about nothing every day. The appeal for blogging is that there is space for “blog spam,” permission to indulge in this type of stream of consciousness exploration. And when others do it I find it fascinating to read. Maybe it’s in this type of free-falling style that readers can see glimpses of the truth behind the writer, the truth within ourselves. Maybe sometimes writing shouldn’t be designed and outlined for an audience but a relaxed, unplanned release of whatever the day has caught.

My wish for children is to find peace in words, to reach a level of mastery that allows them to write about nothing whenever they like.

When was the last time you opened your mind and let writing take you away?


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